Millennium Educational Council brings a heap of opportunities to the promising students to have a steady and healthy attitude to the competitive exams and even to the world of competitions. Give a MEC scholarship exam and prepare yourself to face the modern challenges of life and other competitive exams in future.
.We help you,
To become excellent
To overcome exam fear
To be familiar with the mode of modern exams
To have an easy success in life and competitive exams
To become friendly with difficult situations in various occasions
To bring out the hidden treasure such as memory, reasoning power, ....imagination, communicative skill, aesthetic sense and self-awareness.
To apply his/her skill in solving problems with proper stress in clarity, ....accuracy, speed and precision.
To promote the power of reasoning.
To train the students minds for the forthcoming competitive exams.
To perform perfectly wherever or whatever you are.

Millennium Education Council gladly announces its 6th most exciting National Scholarship Examination for students who are after better academic excellence.

We are in an era of computer and information technology. The intellectual explosions in all the realms and rhythms of life have made the entire human life so busy even for the school going ones. Various inventions have accelerated the thinking and imagination of the growing generation. We are aware of the limitations of the traditional way of imparting knowledge in an effective and efficient way to the young buds. No one is doubtful about the need of an exact assessment of the innate abilities and various talents of young students. Taking up the responsibility of an exact assessment of students with the help of modern techniques and technology, Millennium Education Council serves an opportunity to all students who are ambitious, dynamic, probing, outstanding and challenging. We help you to "know what you are and where you are".


Yours Sincerely,
Joy George
Exam Controller
Millennium Examination Council
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